Tech Rap: Jumped Off The Block Onto Blockchain

As independent artists we are passionate about creating bodies of work that have cultural value and expand the narrative of the black experience beyond the one dimensional lens often portrayed by mainstream media today.

As creatives we believe there are so many stories about our communities that have yet to be told.

Our vision therefore with our revolutionary concept album Tech Rap: Jumped Off The Block Onto Blockchain started from a simple question during a studio session. How come despite technology transforming our lives everyday there wasn’t more content about it in the music we listened to in a way that connected and resonated with where we came from.

Hip Hop as a cultural force since its birth in the early 70’s has educated millions of people around the world about fashion, entrepreneurship, street life, social injustice, politics, Black history and the list goes on.

As our conversation evolved and expanded we asked ourselves another important question: What would this disconnect between technologies of the future and the lack of representation of people that looked like us building them shape what the future for our communities would look like? The answer to that question honestly scared us.

We therefore embarked on a creative journey investing our own resources into bringing that conversation of what technology would mean for everyday people from our community, to start having those important conversations about the impact of Artificial Intelligence, what is the Metaverse, why should we invest our time to understand the benefits of Blockchain technology beyond just the monetary prospects.

After hundreds of hours of research and creative exploration we produced an album with the focus of making those conversations accessible, entertaining and insightful with the vision of our music being a conversation piece to open those discussions in everyday settings at the local barbershop, bus ride to school, block parties, community centres, family barbecues, after school programs, underground hip hop clubs and festivals.