Boy King (Dream Bigger)

The latest addition to our Black Kid Miracles NFT collection is Boy King (Dream Bigger). With each piece of this collection our vision has been through the fusion of sonic and visual art to explore another dimension of the black experience:

In African tradition the mother is the heart beat of the household, powerful, strong and beautiful she guides and nurtures the family. The story depicted in our latest piece is the struggle of youth and the transition of becoming a man and the power of a Mother’s belief in her son to manifest his dreams despite the circumstances of the environment one may be born into.

This vision of potential for her son is symbolised through the crowning ceremony which encapsulates the essence of the five key African initiation rites: Birth, Adulthood, Marriage, Eldership and Ancestral legacy.

In the image we see an older reflection of the young boy holding himself in a protective guard. This evokes his journey of self discovery on his path to manhood. Hardships, loss, betrayal, inner battles of self identity all circling in a feedback loop over time propelling him towards growth.

The shields at the bottom of the kiosk represent mantras of protection: Hope, Focus, Honour and Love the foundations for living a meaningful life where dreams and reality collide breaking apart, reforming and evolving.


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