Love, Scars & Attitude

In her sophomore album, “Love, Scars & Attitude,” Treesha secures her status as not just a great vocalist but a captivating storyteller with a message and vision. This album serves as a resounding affirmation of her development as an artist, where she showcases astonishing versatility, strength in conceptual songwriting, and a vocal range that morphs seamlessly through an eclectic mix of sounds, from soulful reggae rhythms to the pulsating tempo of Afrobeats, and the unyielding brashness of Hip-Hop. It’s as much a nod to her heritage as it is a handshake with the global sounds that have shaped her musical journey.

From the opening bars of “Tornado,” it’s clear that Treesha has evolved, her voice a force of nature that mirrors the song’s title. “Now I’m Up” is a spirited anthem of ascent and agency, while “Don’t Waste My Time” offers a soulful yet assertive stance on valuing one’s own journey. The poignant “Living This Way” featuring Turbulence and the defiant “Notorious” further display Treesha’s ability to interlace personal narratives with universal themes.

Perhaps most notable is “Dunkin in High Heels,” a track that speaks to the audacious spirit of Treesha’s own career—navigating the music industry’s minefields with grace and poise. “Falling Sky” and “What’s Your Problem?” continue to build on the album’s narrative of resilience, each track a testament to strength and perseverance.

With “Chat Box” featuring Tanya Stephens and “Wonders” featuring Bugle, Treesha steps into collaborative spaces, demonstrating her ability to create synergy with other artists without losing her own distinctive sound. The album closes with “Forbidden Fruit,” a track that encapsulates the thematic essence of the album—temptation, wisdom, and the nuanced dance between the two.

“Love, Scars & Attitude” is not just an album; it’s a narrative arc. Each track is a stepping stone that charts Treesha’s growth not only as an artist but also as a storyteller. The album is a journey through the peaks and valleys of human emotion, mapped out through Treesha’s introspective lyrics and the universal language of music.

With this release, Treesha cements herself as a sensational artist, the next big thing to come out of East Africa and make her mark on the world stage. Her sophomore effort is a clarion call to the industry: Treesha is not just another artist; she is a voice for the times – a siren of strength, versatility, and raw, unadulterated talent.